Yahyn's Wine Provenance

How dinner and drinks led to liquor and clinks.

It all started with a rare occasion for Pierre Rogers (Founder/CEO, Yahyn) and his wifea date night away from the kids. To take advantage of the break, Pierre chose a fancy-upscale restaurant they had never gone to before. When the waiter arrived with the wine list, it was the size of a dictionary.

Overwhelmed with the amount of choices, Pierre contemplated what to do. The restaurant didn’t have a sommelier on staff and the waiter simply suggested their most popular wine. But this was a special night that required a special bottle. Pierre wanted to share a new experience with his wife, and a house wine simply wasn’t going to cut it. Indecisive, his wife left the table to have him choose.

At that moment, Pierre pulled out his phone, took a screenshot of the wine list, jotted down their likes and dislikes, and fired it off to his sommelier friend. In seconds, his phone bleeped with a solid recommendation for their night.

When his wife returned, the wine bottle was on the table and Pierre had poured her a glass. She asked him how he had decided on the bottle and Pierre said that he had texted a sommelier friend of his.

“Well, it must be nice to have a pocket sommelier whenever you want?” she said.

At that moment, the lightbulb went off for Pierre. Wouldn’t it be great to have a service that allowed you the luxury and convenience of having a sommelier on demand?

For the last year, that has been Pierre’s lofty goal while growing his wine startup, Yahyn. As an already established leader in boutique wine sales online,

Yahyn’s eyes are on a broader vision. Their plan is to provide every wine enthusiast with the expertise and knowledge once granted only to the inner elites. And with no real tech disruptor in the space, they’re catching the wine industry by surprise.

In 2021, Yahyn has already been in the headlines of well know publications, with plans to release a community-driven mobile wine app. The growth in online wine sales, convenience of mobile delivery, and cutting-edge technology, has made this an exciting moment for his team poised to capitalize on the right business at the right time.


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