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The Post-Covid Wine Industry

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Turning water into wine. Supporting sommeliers and boutique wineries during and after the pandemic.

When Covid hit, the hospitality industry felt it. Wineries and restaurants suspended operations, displacing thousands of sommeliers across the country and impacting inventory sales. Whether temporary or permanent, Yahyn knew they had to do something to support the wine industry.

Not wanting to see it get worse, Yahyn began brainstorming how they could support sommeliers and wineries unable to connect with their customers through the conventional methods. Yahyn immediately launched an online chat service to their wine community powered by displaced sommeliers.

Now, having handled 58,000 sommelier inquiries—and with a backlog of interested vineyards Yahyn is expanding their sommelier services and onboarding new wine partnerships to accommodate the growing demand by their community.

Boutique Vineyards Under the Weather

Many boutique wineries that depended on vineyard visits found themselves plunged into a tumultuous uncertainty. With extra inventory and restrictions on travel, vineyards were in search of an online solution for improving bottle sales. Yahyn began collaborating with fizzling wineries to create online inventories available directly to their growing wine community.

For the Yahyn community, on-demand services and one-to-one interactions with wine professionals yields a more personalized, intimate experience. They want a deeper connection to the vineyards and a like-minded community to engage with. As online wine sales continue to grow, an innovative approach is necessary to reinvent the outdated three-tiered system.

Read about a few boutique vineyards selling wine on Yahyn:

Breaking Tradition: Post-Covid's Wine Future

The pandemic has made us all accustomed to being homebodies, resorting to creative solutions that prevent leaving the house. While many temporary fixes can't replace the real thing (i.e. virtual schooling or birthday parties), some will continue as the preferred method for doing business. Now, delivery services and virtual meetings are standard practice for many individuals and businesses. The same has happened in the wine industry.

The convenience of wine delivery, personalized bottle recommendations, and on-demand sommelier services isn't going away. Wine enthusiasts are at the forefront of the future with personalized and tailored experiences and a la carte checkouts. Although I don't see a future where we're drinking wine out of computer screens, the future looks white (and red!).


For as long as the wine industry grows along this hybrid narrative, Yahyn will continue to leverage cutting-edge technology to make online and offline experiences as harmonious as possible. With a tech heavy team, we're doing everything we can to support the industry’s growth and evolution.

Here are just a few innovations we're working on at Yahyn to foster the future:

  • On-demand sommeliers

  • AI wine recommendations

  • Access to global boutique wines

  • Wine analysis tools

  • Mobile wine app

  • NFTs to authenticate wines

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