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Democratizing Wine Purchases

Updated: Feb 23

Let’s peel the skin off these grapes. There’s a shift going on in the wine industry. For decades, large distributors have been able to corner the market and cash in on the rise in wine sales while boutique vineyards struggle to get by. It’s obvious now with so many smaller businesses shutting down due to the pandemic. But we can change that.

The craft brew renaissance hit hard when the industry finally opened their distribution channels to craft brewers. For decades, large breweries suppressed competition and installed pay-to-play taps at bars across the country. Consumers were left with watered-down, mediocre beer at every turn. Now, look at the craft beer industry. Breweries are popping up like Starbucks stores and the quality of beer is substantially better. Palates are evolving. And they’re evolving in wine, too.

Right now, the direct-to-consumer market in the wine industry is only around 10%. Yahyn is looking to change that with a marketplace for any wine drinker—oenophile or novice—to browse through and buy directly from any vineyard that they want. Who needs the three-tiered system when the majority of vineyards can handle their own sales?

Older couple walking through a vineyard. When you purchase wine through you are helping small vineyards out.

The New Wine Enthusiast

Millennials are currently the biggest wine demographic and they are not like their Boomer predecessors. They’re savvy, environmentally conscious, and have sophisticated palates. Marketing tactics are less effective on them. They want a good product and won’t settle for less. They will also buy a more expensive bottle of wine if it means better quality.

Gone are the days of bottom-of-the-barrel bin prices driving higher sales. The new wine enthusiasts aren’t “two-buck-chuck” drinkers. The industry needs to adapt to this new wine enthusiast. If not, they’ll be left behind.

So, how does the industry adapt to this new marketplace? By creating an experience that works for them.

At Yahyn, we understand the experience that comes along with enjoying a glass of wine. It is far more than just the taste. Think about what we can do if we demand a larger selection of wines instead of the hand-picked options we’re given.

Yahyn didn’t invent wine, we simply offer a better way for you to enjoy it. We trust our community to make the best decision for themselves. Here’s our three-tiered system that works for you.

1. Yahyn Community Supports “Craft” Vineyards

The old way of buying wine by taking a trip to a vineyard is old news. We have more vineyards out there, better wine options, and more abilities to easily buy online. So, why are we still stuck in an old business model? Yahyn's community wants you to be able to buy a bottle of wine from any vineyard in the world with just a click of a button. Not just the select few that you get promotions from in your inbox or through subscription services.

young couple, enjoying a glass of wine bought from Yahyn because they wanted to help a small vineyard out.

Changing the power dynamics will make better wines bubble to the surface. The “craft” wine industry can explode just like craft beer did. How do we do this? By supporting smaller vineyards over big-box wine distributors. Every time you buy a bottle on Yahyn, you are supporting a small boutique vineyard. They get a larger percentage of the sale and they are delivering it to your home.

View a few of our top boutique vineyards here.

2. Yahyn Sommelier Service at Your Fingertips

Niccollo, one of our top sommeliers, ready to help you find the perfect bottle of wine for you on Yahyn.

If you’re like us, the thrill in finding an amazing, new bottle of wine that you love surpasses anything else. With all the technology out there, it should be simpler to help any wine drinker find that next bottle. But it takes a lot of research. Many people simply don’t have the time to do this, so they opt for a monthly subscription service. If only there was a sommelier at your fingertips…

Think about how Stitch Fix works. You tell them what you like and then their fashionistas send you clothes they recommend for your style. With Yahyn, we have hired sommeliers that have been displaced by the pandemic to recommend you wines. You can chat with one whenever you want. The vast knowledge that our sommeliers share makes it easy to find wine as a Yahyn community member. They will find the perfect wine for your palate. We guarantee it.

Try our Yahyn sommelier service here.

3. Sensory Science

Just like our sommelier feature, we have taken another step to help identify the perfect bottle of wine for you. With a great partnership with Tastry, a sensory science lab, we are able to chemically test wine and perfectly match your taste to new wines based on your unique palate. I know it sounds futuristic, but it works! Just like Netflix matches you with movies or Spotify finds you new music. Yahyn matches you with wine.

See what’s cooking in the Yahyn sensory lab here.

We didn’t start this wine movement, but we’re committed to making it grow for the benefit of our entire community. Together, we can build a powerful marketplace for amazing wines fueled by AI and sommelier recommendations. If you vouch to never settle with a mediocre wine, we’ll continue our promise in delivering you the best online wine experience.

Join our Yahyn community of wine enthusiasts at


Vine full of fruit, the beginning of what then becomes your favorite wine.

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