• Dominic Perri

A Driving Force Behind Stanton Barrett Family Wines

Wine made whole with a timeless mindful expression that represents the beauty of life and art created which fills the heart and soul of each drop bottled.

You can't talk about Stanton Barrett Family Wines without talking about the proprietor behind the wheel. Yes, I'm going to make a lot of racing puns in this article. Why? Because an Indy/NASCAR driver, stuntman, and movie extraordinaire is a driving force behind the wine.

I'm talking about Stanton Barrett. With every industry he has entered, he has excelled. Why would you think any differently about his collection of wines fashioning his family's name?

With an impressive stock car racing career and 200+ film credits under the hood, the shift to wine is fueled by his passion to create excellence without compromise. And with their first year vintages, they won 9 metals of 10 wines entered. I'd call that a success. They've done this by keeping their family and friends in mind when creating their high-quality vino.

The mission of Stanton Barrett Family Wines is to present our friends and family with the most excellent product without compromise in any fashion.

That Temecula Valley Taste

Stanton Barrett's wines come from hearty grapes from the Temecula Valley region in California. Varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Chardonnay and more.

If you don't know about the Temecula terroir, its unique ocean breezes, rolling hills, and daytime temperatures are a perfect ambiance for a wide variety of amazing wines.

Our customer is the forefront of all our visions in which we mold and create our wines and business after. May you share and indulge with passion in life, love, friendships, and helping others.

With expanded distribution channels, and a high calibre of wines to boot, we're happy to add them to our Yahyn portfolio of wines we're able to offer for our community.


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