8 Amazingly Creative Wine Cellar Ideas

Looking for some wine cellar inspiration? Here are eight unbelievably creative wine cellars from around the world. If you're looking to build your own residential wine cellar, read our complementary article here.

1. Spectacular Spiral

Stone Cellar Company has some great examples of their spiral staircase wine cellars on Houzz.

Image courtesy of Stone Cellar Company

2. Wine Silo

Got a spare silo you don't know what to do with? How about making it into an exquisite storage space for your wines. Follow the link to see more images from CLB Architects of their Queens Lane Silo.

Image courtesy of CLB Architects

3. Keepsake Vault

Looking for the ultimate fortress for your wines? Casey Wine Cellar created a vault entrance for access to their collection. See more images here.

Image courtesy of Renovation Artistry

4. Blue Matrix

Ready to take the blue pill? Look no further than these futuristic designs at Focus Wine Cellars.

Image courtesy of Focus Wine Cellars

5. Vino Vortex

Radisson Blu Hotel has a glorious wine tower at the London Stansted Airport. If you're looking to take in this elegant skyscraper, stop by their bar when you're traveling to the UK. More images here.

Images courtesy of Radisson Hotels

6. Hover Craft

Along with 24 other unique wine cellars, Elle Decor featured this stunning residential glass storage solution. Although we wouldn't recommend you build your with direct sunlight, it is a sight to see.

Image courtesy of Paul Dyer and Elle Decor

7. Library of Labels

The Monte-Carlo Wine Cellar is a must-see attraction resembling the long aisles and organization of a library. If you're visiting Paris, try to book a tour! Here's an exclusive look at all it has to offer.

Image courtesy of Luxe Adventure Traveler and JdombsTravels.com

8. Glam Rock

This wine cellar is rock solid, and we're not kidding! In a small village in Sineu, you'll find a wine cellar situated in a historic guesthouse that's over 1,000 years old.

Image courtesy of Porta Mallorquina

What will yours look like? Read our guide on how to build your own wine cellar.


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